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Central Coast Bandit Linked to 6th Bank Robbery

Central Coast Bandit Linked to 6th Bank Robbery

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - The FBI says the Central Coast Bandit is responsible for a bank robbery in Pismo Beach, Wednesday afternoon.

Pismo Beach Police responded to the incident at Pacific Western Bank on Oak Park Boulevard around 2:30 p.m.  It marks the 6th case now linked to the serial robber, who first turned up on New Years Eve in Pacific Grove. 

Wednesday's robbery was the fourth in our area.  The others were in Paso Robles, Nipomo, and Atascadero. In each case, the bandit has been seen wearing a hat and glasses. 

During today's robbery, the suspect advised the teller that she needed to cash a check, then proceeded to pass a note demanding cash.  The Central Coast Bandit has also been linked to an incident in which a female was described by witnesses as having "cased" a bank.  

Woman Caught in String of Burglary Arrests

Woman Caught in String of Burglary Arrests

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Calif. - Sheriff deputies were dispatched Monday afternoon to an address in Watsonville for an illegal entry.

Deputies were able to use suspect information from witnesses to conduct a follow up investigation which led them to contacting Jennifer Moncovich in regard to the illegal entry at the home.

Investigators linked Moncovich to a burglary at the address they previously responded to, as well as other burglaries in the Aptos area. Moncovich was arrested for burglary and other related charges. Among the stolen items recovered were a firearm, electronics, jewelry, coins and other items.

Through follow up investigation, detectives were able to link Moncovich to additional burglaries in Santa Cruz County and determine the manner in which Moncovich had been targeting homes for burglary.

Moncovich has previous history for burglary and other property crimes. Moncovich’s bail set at approximately $100,000.00.

Woman Robs Santa Cruz bank, Do You Know Her?

Woman Robs Santa Cruz bank, Do You Know Her?

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - On Saturday morning just before noon,  Santa Cruz police officers got a call about a bank robbery in downtown.   A woman approached the bank teller at the Bank of the West on Pacific Ave. and demanded money.   The suspect never showed a weapon but took the money and ran out one of the west entrance doors.   Surveillance photos were released, and if anyone has any information, call police at (831) 420-5820.

Teen Arrested for Spraying Graffiti in 9 Separate Locations, Including One Car

Teen Arrested for Spraying Graffiti in 9 Separate Locations, Including One Car

By Chloe Beardsley - email

APTOS, Calif. -- Deputies arrested 19-year old Alexander Tinaza for spraying graffiti on several fences and one car.

Officers got a call Sunday afternoon about a vandalism in progress near Soquel Drive and Peoples Lane in Aptos. When deputies arrived on scene they found Tinaza trying to hide a spray can in the bushes. The suspect also had paint on his hands that matched the new graffiti sprayed about 50 feet away, investigators said.

The investigation revealed that Tinaza was also connected to nine separate locations where graffiti was sprayed between by Soquel Drive between Hardin Way and People's Lane.

Armed Robbery at Grady's Market in Capitola

Officers arrested 27-year old Jacob John Hill of Felton for armed robbery. Police caught the suspect driving in a car near the scene and arrested him without incident. While out on patrol, police noticed a person walking away from Grady's Market along near the 500 block of Bay Avenue. The saw the man was starting to move quick and suspiciously, so police turned around and parked into the Grady's parking lot. The officer said the suspect was wearing a black and white flannel jacket with the hood pulled over their head. An employee walked out and told police he has just been robbed, and that the suspect was carrying a weapon and got away an undisclosed amount of money. Patrol cars started to scour the area for the suspect. One of the officers noticed a Toyota truck leaving the area with the driver wearing a black and white jacket. Police tracked down the and pulled over the driver.

Man Arrested For Making Death Threats, Extorting Money from Ex-Wife

Man Arrested For Making Death Threats, Extorting Money from Ex-Wife

By Chaas Toborg - email

SOQUEL, Calif. - A man is in jail for allegedly threatening his ex-wife and her new boyfriend and extorting money from them.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Deputies say a woman called them May first, accusing 48-year-old Steven Husong of the crimes, both of which are felonies.

Officers learned Husong had nine guns registered to him. That ex-wife told the Sheriff's Office some of those guns weren't registered to him, a tip they said was credible.

After staking him out, investigators arrested Husong in the area of Highway 17 in Soquel, without incident.

He was booked on two counts of making Terroristic Threats and Extortion and is being held on $100,000 bail.

Storm Family Says He Thinks He's a Cop

Storm Family Says He Thinks He's a Cop

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Calif. - The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office held a news conference Thursday morning to provide updated information about crimes which 42-year-old Dimitri Storm allegedly committed.

Investigators believe Storm has stolen 10 cars, burglarized 40 vehicles, carried out an armed robbery, pointed a gun at a landowner in the Santa Cruz mountain summit area, and fought with Sonoma County deputies.

The sheriff's office believes he is armed and dangerous, and it is now asking the community to keep their eyes and ears open and call 911 immediately if Storm is spotted. The sheriff's office says it has extra deputies in the mountains now, and that it will send deputies urgently to 911 calls.

According to investigators, Storm's criminal history dates back to 1989.