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Many surgeons have contemplated suicide, study finds

A new study finds that as many as one in 16 U.S. surgeons harbored suicidal thoughts in the previous year, but few sought help from a mental-health professional.

Researchers analyzed surveys completed by 7,905 members of the American College of Surgeons in 2008 and found that 501 (6.3 percent) said they had thought about suicide within the past year.

Surgeons more likely to report suicidal thoughts included those who were aged 45 and older; they were 1.5 to three times more likely to have such thoughts than people in the general population. Divorced surgeons also had a higher risk. Being married and having children was associated with a lower risk, the study found.

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Capitola Armed Robbery Suspects Caught

CAPITOLA -- Two people were arrested Friday night after they robbed a man at gunpoint at a restaurant on the 500 block of Bay Avenue, police said.

William Galdamez, 19, of Capitola and a 17-year-old male juvenile were arrested on suspicion of armed robbery, conspiracy, making criminal threats and possession of an illegal firearm, with gang enhancements, late Friday, according to Sgt. Matt Eller.

Eller said the pair robbed a man at gunpoint of his jacket, cell phone, wallet and cash near the restaurant on Bay Avenue. One of the suspects threatened the victim with a pistol-gripped shotgun and both beat him during the robbery.

The victim, who was later found at a restaurant on the 1000 block of 41st Avenue, told police he knew one of the suspects, Eller said.

Later in the evening, officer Leopold Moreno recognized one of the suspects and another male at a fast food restaurant on the 2700 block of 41st Avenue.

Aptos Beach Creek an Issue Again

RIO DEL MAR -- Aptos Creek may once again be threatening the stability of some million-dollar homes that sit on a bluff overlooking Rio del Mar Beach.

Residents again fear that their homes are on the verge of collapse.

Bob Neasham and his wife, Vivian, stood on the back patio of their beachfront home on a recent afternoon, peering over the edge of a low fence that sits close to the house.

Report: School Buildings Not Earthquake Safe

MONTEREY, Calif - A report by California Watch, a non-profit investigative news organizartion, shows California State University policies do not mandate fixing the most dangerous buildings before building new ones.

The report said other rules in the CSU and University of California system even stop schools from using certain construction money on earthquake repairs.

The Central Coast just experienced a 4.5 earthquake starting from the San Andreas faultline this morning. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, if a building is really old and not up to date on certain safety requirements, even a mild quake could cause major damage.

"If you're right on top an earthquake, or a poorly built building, maybe a 4.0 could do some serious damage," said Leslie Gordon with the U.S. Geological Survey.

"When budgets are really tight, there may be other priorities.

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Need a Job? Find Temporary Work on the Central Coast

SALINAS, Calif -- With tough economic times "Labor Ready" is helping place temporary workers  in jobs on the Central Coast.

Jobs depend on work available on any given day and job placement is not guaranteed. Labor Ready told Central Coast News the majority of the jobs available are in construction, hospitality and manufacturing. The jobs vary in pay depending on where an applicant is placed.  Labor Ready also encourages applicants to get to their locations to line up each day early to have a  better shot of placement.

In order to be placed in a job, an applicant must register with Labor Ready on Fridays starting at 10:00am at either of their two Central Coast locations.

5157 Soquel Drive, Soquel, CA 95073

911 North Main Street, Salinas, CA 93906

$2 Billion Available for Unemployed Homeowners

Phase one of state's "Keep Your Home California" program has kicked off. The program allows unemployed homeowners to get up to six months worth of mortgage payments at up to $3000 a month.

California is one of 18 states getting money for such programs from the treasury department's fund for states hit hardest by the mortgage crisis. Soaring foreclosure rates are adversely affecting California's families and neighborhoods.

The program is run by the California Housing Finance Agency, or CalHFA and only launched on Monday.

Level One Responsible Beverage Service Training (RBS Training)

Sunrise House is pleased to announce that the organization will be providing Level One Responsible Beverage Service Training (RBS Training) for the Salinas/North Monterey County areas.  Training is required for service organizations, businesses or individual(s) that want to serve alcohol at a special event. Such events may include: The Salinas Airshow, Monster Truck Show, California Rodeo, the Castroville Artichoke festival, and other community events . The Salinas Police Department has mandated for all booths that serve alcohol at these events be trained in Responsible Beverage Service. Trainings will be available in English and Spanish. If your organization is planning on hosting a booth at a community event, or have any questions regarding Responsible Beverage Service, please call Sunrise House at (831)758-3313.